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Various - The Sound Stage Seven Story

Tags : Blues Soul
TRACK LIST A1 –Roscoe Shelton Easy Going Fellow A2 –Earl Gaines Hymn No.5 A3 –Ann Sexton I'm His Wife You're Just A Friend A4 –Sam Baker I Love You A5 –Charles Smith The Only Time You Say You Love Me A6 –Joe Simon (You Keep Me) Hangin' On A7 –Geater Davis A Whole Lot Of Man A8 –Ella Washington All The Time B1 –Sam Baker Sometimes You Have To Cry B2 –Joe Simon The Cholkin Kind B3 –Ella Washington He Called Me Baby B4 –Geater davis Your Heart Is So Cold B5 –Roscoe Shelton Strain On My Heart B6 –Ann Sexton You're Gonna Miss Me B7 –Earl Gaines I'll Take Care Of You B8 –Lattimore Brown* I'm Not Through Loving You C1 –Jimmy Church I Don't Care Who Knows C2 –Roscoe Shelton Soon As Darkness Falls C3 –Bobby King What Made You Change Your Mind C4 –Brief Encounter Human C5 –Willie Hobbs Judge Of Hearts C6 –Sam Baker Someone Bigger Than You Or Me C7 –Moody Scott We've Got To Save It C8 –Bobby King Let Me Come On Home D1 –Roscoe Shelton I'm Ready To Love You Now D2 –Sam Baker Just Glance Away D3 –Eddie Billups Try Something New D4 –Cashmeres* Ooh I Love You D5 –Leon Byrd I Got Love D6 –Moody Scott A Womans Touch D7 –Jimmy Church My Faith In You D8 –Roscoe Shelton I Know Your Heart Has Been Broken
価格(税込) ¥1,200


Breakestra ‎– You Don't Need A Dance! / See Sawng

Tracklist A1 You Don't Need A Dance! A2 You Don't Need A Dance! (Funkstrumental) B1 See Sawng B2...

¥760 -

The Fat Badgers - The FAT EP
Black Milk Music / 2014 / France / 12”

フランスのP-Funkバンド”The Fat Badgers”の2nd.EPはノリの良いパーティー・ファンク〜ディスコからブギーまでナイスな4曲!DUFT PUNKファンにもオ...

¥980 -

Sa-Ra Creative Partners ‎– The Decadent Dimensions E.P.

ヒットアルバム『The Hollywood Recordings』から「Sospecial」のシングルカット盤。アルバム未収録の他3曲素晴らしいソウルフルな1枚です。 Tracklist A1 S...


Freddie Cruger - Something Good
Jugglin' / 2005 / Sweden / 12”

Funk / Soul /

Tracklist A1 Something Good A2 The Hustle (Diesler Remix) B1 Baddest Mutha

¥800 -

Yoko Oginome - Make It On My Own (Limited Club Mixes)
Victor / 1997 / Japan / 12”

MONDO GROSSOの大沢伸一がプロデュースし荻野目洋子が歌うUKのAlison Limerickの91年のヒット曲、Make It On My Ownのグッド・カバー。   Tracklis...

¥1,200 -

Various - Praise Poems. Vol.5
Tramp Records / 2017 / Germany / 2LP

レア盤再発PRAISE POEMSシリーズ第5弾♪マイナーかつ上質な70'sファンク/ソウル音源が所狭しとコンパイルされた濃厚極まりない内容!これはマニアにはたまらない要注意な2枚組+MP3

¥2,380 -